Legal notes

This document contains the legal conditions for the access and use of the LEAD website In accessing the website or using the materials contained therein the user undertakes to comply with and respect the following general conditions:

Ownership of websites

The website is the property of the law Firm LEAD with main offices in via Durini,5, Milan.
The website is protected as to its entire contents according to Italian, EU and international copyright laws .
The use or reproduction in whole or in part of the materials contained herein, in addition to constituting a beach of civil law and thus entitling the owner to take all actions pursuant to law, is also prohibited according to and for the effects of articles 171, 171- bis, 171-ter, 174-bis and l74-ter of Law 633/1941 as thereafter amended and/or integrated.
The works may be freely cited for scientific and educational purposes but not for profit, provided that the contents remain in their original format and, in the case in which they are reproduced in part, they bear the indications regarding copyright and authors.
The information published on the website has been prepared with the greatest care but LEAD and its members reserve the right to correct any inexactitudes or omissions. In no case may LEAD or any of its members be deemed liable for damages caused directly or indirectly by errors or omissions contained in the information that if freely viewable on the website.
LEAD may amend or impose limitations on certain functions and services, including the total or partial availability of the contents without any obligation to give notice and without the same giving rise to any liability.

Links to other websites

Neither LEAD nor any of its members have any control over the contents of websites to which it is possible to access by way of links on this website. Therefore LEAD and each of its members decline any responsibility for any harmful consequences that may be caused by the use of such links.

No warranty – limitation of liability

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Whilst LEAD and its members take every effort to ensure that the website and its contents are virus free, LEAD and its members will not be liable towards users of the website or any third party for any direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive damages howsoever connected with access or impossibility to access the website, including the case of viruses that may be received via the website, or contained in information or material available on the website.